In the words of Frankenstein, “Fire! BAD!”

In the words of Frankenstein, “Fire! BAD!”      Fire Bad!

I have never lived in an area where fire has destroyed so much in such a short time! WOW!

Washington State (along with Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Northern California) has been crushed by the deluge of fires in our area…Eastern WA to be specific. At present, roughly 20 individually named fires burn free with little containment east of the Cascades! We’ve lost so much of our beautiful national forest areas.

Take a look at some of these numbers from today on some of the most watched fires in our area (source: InciWEB):

  • Kettle Complex fire (Northern Ferry County, near the British Columbia border):
    • Consists of – the Stickpin, Graves Mountain, Roy Road & Renner Lake fires
    • Nearly 60,000 acres burned
    • 16% contained
    • Lightening caused
  • Kaniksu Complex (on the WA/Idaho Panhandle border, near Cusick & Usk, WA):
    • Consists of – includes the Tower and Baldy fires plus 4 others
    • Roughly 11,000 acres burned
    • Only 5% contained
  • North Star Fire (North central WA State – near Colville Tribe Reservation)
    • Human Caused – under investigation
    • Now at Approx. 170,000 acres burned
    • 17% contained, with HEAVY smoke in the area and on-going evacuations and road closures as needed
    • “No relief in sight” per the WA State DNR.  On-going Level 3 Evacuations as this beast grows
  • Carpenter Rd. Fire (near Fruitland, WA, in Stevens Co. on the Spokane Tribe Reservation)
    • Estimated 44,000 acres burned
    • Cause unknown
    • 25% contained

And the two biggies…

  • Okanogan Complex Fire (Central WA):
    • Over 280,000 acres burned
    • 17% contained
    • LOTS of evacuations throughout the area to-date; threatening several more towns
    • Lightening caused
  • Chelan Complex Fire (Central WA):
    • Around 90,000 acres lost
    • 40% contained
    • Consists of the Reach, Black Canyon, McFarland Creek, Cagle and Antoine fires and others
    • On-going Level 3 evacuations as fire expands

Two words: Nasty business!!!  Winds are supposed to pick up this weekend, as well as the threat of thunder storms.  Lightening would not be helpful!  We definitely need the rain, though!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

The pictures here were taken from a friend of mine who’s house sat within 15o feet of the Twisp River Fire, a part of the Okanogan Complex Fire.

twisp fire 081915 - House from SW

The house! Saved by the Grace of God Almighty!!

The hill behind the house - looks like a volcano erupting!

The hill behind the house – looks like a volcano erupting!

Scary stuff, right?   

All the smoke from the surrounding fires, like this one, have made the air quality just nasty in Spokane.

These are pictures I took from near my house in Spokane.  You can see how that smoke hangs  in the air, like perpetual fog that smells like a big campfire!  Yikes!


Smoky skies over Costco – around 3pm!


Heading towards downtown Spokane.

Can't breathe, but ljust LOOK at that sunset!!!

Can’t breathe, but just LOOK at that sunset!!!

Needless to say, Sleepy Spokane remains safe for the moment, with fires a good 35-100 miles away in each direction. Sounds pretty good, right? Better than having flames all up in your stuff! Sort of!  As you can see, when the wind blows, we get the smoke andAirQualityTable dust our way.  In the past few weeks, we’ve been vacillating between “unhealthy for some” to Very unhealthy” in terms of particle pollution measurements.

Even though the fires are miles away from us, the effects are pretty hazardous. OY! Can you imagine what it must be like for those in the fire line?  their Particulate Pollution counts are in the 300s!  It’s like living in Beijing!  I pray that the fire teams can get a handle on this soon.

Oh, the humanity!!!

In times of crisis, we have a choice: Either we can:

  1. Jump in and help however we can, or
  2. Look the other way and pretend we don’t see the needs of others.

How proud it makes me to see more people choosing A than B! It restores my faith in mankind every time I see an outpouring of compassion and love for someone else in need! Whether somebody makes a donation to the Red Cross, or a food bank, or of clothing to any one of the thrift stores, I am humbled!

How great we can be as a culture, a society, a nation when we band together to help one another rather than fight each other, disrespect each other and/or purposefully oppress another for our own gain. But that’s another blog topic!

If you choose to help, FANTASTIC! Just please, research the charities you intend to send $$$ to the cause. Unfortunately, in times of crisis, we also have the pariahs charityof the world out looking to make a quick buck on the misfortune of others! Do your research before you send money! (I chair the annual local fund drive at my State office building – the WA State Combined Fund Drive – to help WA State workers raise funds for various charities, both locally, state and nation-wide. If you’re looking for a legit place and need some assistance, let me know! I’ll see what I can find out for you!)

Much Thanks!

So many have come to the aid of the Pacific Northwest to help! Since Gov. Inslee declared a state of emergency, we have relief troops coming our way…THANK GOD!!!

From the local firefighters to contracted fire teams, from the military to various government agencies in WA State…Even locals with nothing more than a shovel and a garden hose. Everyone seems to pitch in when crisis happens.

Thanks so much for your concern and continued prayers, not just for those battling the fires but also for the ones who have lost homes, land, etc. Also, I ask that you please say an extra round for the families of the firefighters we recently lost in the battle.

Overall, we have a lot for which to still be thankful. I actually heard some people at work talking about the fires, asking where God is that He should “allow this devastation to happen.” I couldn’t respond, as I am not allowed to “pontificate” my faith on State time.

I wanted to explain to them just where I felt God was. I wanted to say, “Oh…He’s there, my friends! He’s there!” He’s there in the hearts of those who have shown remarkable compassion and agape` love to help feed and house those who lost everything. He’s there in the heart of each and every firefighter.  He’s hanging out in the Omak Home Depot  and every other place that opened their doors to all the suddenly homeless so they would have shelter. And He’s there in the lawyer who went out and bought a fire truck so he could help his neighbors save their homes. (Read about him here!)  Oh, yeah…He’s there!

So, continue to pray, do a rain dance, etc. for the Pacific Northwest. This is the worst we’ve seen since, like, 1910. I could go that long again without seeing it again. Just sayin’!


God bless!

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