Grammar. World. Shattered. “Irregardless” is actually a word now

People who use the word “irregardless” in a sentence remains one of my pet grammatical peeves.  It puts me right over the edge!  I hear it used in meetings by co-workers I think are quite intellegent.  Family members use it like water on a fire.  Drives me insane!

Yeah…I heard.  It’s a real word now.  Well, I don’t give a flying fart in space if it is, and, I could care less if Merriam-Webster defends placing it in their dictionary and actually gives it a definition

By the way, do you know what their definition of irregardless is? It’s “REGARDLESS!!!”  Seriously!  Look it up!

Merriam-Webster dates the first known use of irregardless back to 1795, which means we’ve been screwing this up for over 200 years! M-W finds a little redemption, however, as they list it as the “nonstandard” English form of regardless…a dialect, or colloquialism.

Regardless of its nonstandard listing, it sounds funky, people! If you say something to the effect of “I will not be privy to this nonsense irregardless of the consequences,” you’ll still sound like an ignorant goofball! Sorry…but you will!

Let’s talk about this!

Regardless means “without regard.” Adding the negative prefix “ir-“ makes irregardless a double negative, or meaning “without without regard!” So, why not use REGARDLESS!?!?

Some will argue that it has purpose…Legitimate purpose:

Pro usage arguments state the point of irregardless is to “shut down a conversation.”

Mmmmm-Kay! Not buying it and sticking to my guns!  (I’m pretty sure I will have my detractors on this one.  That’s fine!)

I’m hardly the Empress of all things Grammar, nor am I a Grammar Nazi. (I have friends who do this for me! Right, Karen Whyte??)

I simply cannot adhere to it’s usage. Because it’s just crazy talk!!!

Next you’ll be telling me that the word “ain’t“ is in the dictionary, too!


It is?!?

Great! My entire writing and speaking world has been a LIE!!!!

I’m going to go curl up in the fetal position under my desk now.

Don’t try to stop me…



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