Now that I am done with school (BA at EWU, 2014…Go EAGS!) I have time to get back into writing.  I tend write about things I know or feel passionately about in some way.  My life experiences have made me who I am, which is – good or bad – all I know how to be.  God has blessed me in this life more than I can say and way more than I deserve.

I am a USAF wife (retired!), a step-mom (non-wicked variety!), a Nana to two totally cute granddaughters, an animal lover (except bugs…bugs I can do without!), a foodie, a crafter, a writer, an RV-er, a musician/vocalist, a former radio DJ, a current admin for Ecology and very content Catholic lady.

I still love to color, sew, sing, laugh, cook, camp, travel and will give most things a try (within reason!  HA!).  I’m kind of a big kid, with a “glass is half full” outlook and generally positive attitude towards most things.


In this blog…

There will be occasional rants.  You may see slice of life observations.  Maybe a cool little tidbit I felt I needed to share.  Be aware that sometimes I just have to comment on the seriously stupid.  I vow, however, to keep my sense of humor in tact, especially when something puts a big squirrel in my girdle!  (CAVEAT:  Sometimes that humor is a little warped; I  hope to not offend, but it may happen.  Sorry, in advance!)

You may not always agree with what I have to say; that’s OK.  With that said, I would hope your comments would still be respectful and thoughtful, discussion provoking and not just plain mean or nasty for the sake of being a jerk!

Trolls & flat out evil posters will be blocked!  My blog…My rules!  So there!




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