Guilty Pleasures in Cinema!!

MoviesI love movies!

You know those movies you watch when no one else is around?  The ones that you absolutely LOVE and can watch time and time again?  The one’s you have given you life lessons, or you can quote like they were ancient writings of the wisest men?

We all have our lists!  What we find to be cinematic genius may not jive with anyone else thinks as great moments in film; but we love them and live them with the fiery passion of a thousand suns!  They are joy.  They are all that feels good in the world.  They are escape.

What’s on your list?  What do you keep on you secret “must-have” list of movies?  No right or wrong answer here…No judgements…Just whatever makes you feel something you and maybe a handful of friends or family can share.

Oh, I have my list!  It’s odd and eclectic; which, come to think of it,  probably explains a lot to those who know me well!  These movies speak to me…For whatever reason, I cannot get enough of them and if they come on TV or I see the DVD sitting around, I am likely to watch it, pushing other things aside to do so.

Here goes!  In no particular order:

posterWhat A Girl Wants

In spite of all the turmoil in the real life of Amanda Bynes, she was a fun actor to watch, usually playing the underdog.  Her characters, like in this one, never quite fit in, but she’s comfy in herself and adapts to the surroundings, most of the time landing on her feet to spite her nay-sayers!  (I kind of relate!)

I am also a HUGE fan of Colin Firth, which helps the cause of this movie’s appeal.  My husband is well aware of my crush on Colin, yet secure enough to know that if he had to kick Colin’s a$$ in an effort to win my affections, I would still route for him (although that fight would be kinda fun to watch!!).

What A Girl Wants is just fun to watch!  ‘Nuff said!

Also in this genre, and speaking of Amanda Bynes, check out Sydney White!  A gleeful nerd-fest of college fun  which, once more, the underdogs come out winning!!!

MPW-53072Centre Stage

Cheesy story, beautiful and captivating ballet and dance rehearsal sequences,  with a completely unrealistic romance; yet, like a proverbial train wreck, I cannot look away!!! No, really!  It’s so incredibly predictable, but the dancing (if you’re into that stuff) is really fun!  The costumes and sets are amazing!  Donna Murphy  and Peter Gallagher, and Debra Monk are a few more recognizable actors.  Most everyone in the cast does their own dancing, whether they are trained ballet dancers or not.  That’s always fun to watch.

Another cool cast note:  This does have a future star in the cast…a young and funny Zoe Saldana.  Who knew Lt.  could dance?!?!  Spock would find it “fascinating!”  Think a much lower budget A Chorus Line with a little better flow to the storyline!

Roadhouose MovieRoadhouse

Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliot in the same…damned…movie!!!  What’s not to love, people!?!?!   Testosterone in abundance, girls dancing on tables, wicked bar fights with smashing beer bottles; great music, romance, and serious eye candy for the girls…Everybody’s a winner!

It’s rough.  It’s rowdy.  It’s predictable.   And I don’t care!  I so love this flick!  If you’ve ever been to an establishment like this, you’ll kind of relate and reminisce!  The South is filled with them!!  They’re a blast!

Roadhouse has an awesome soundtrack, too, with much of the music by the Jeff Healy Band.  A true feast for the eyes and ears!  Of course, no iconic movie would be without some great quotable, like ” A polar bear fell on me,” “Opinions vary,” and “There’s always barber college!”  A classic!

cry-baby-movie-poster-1990-1020470249Cry  Baby

Ironically, it has absolutely nothing to do with Super Bowl 50 losing QB Cam Newton, much as the title would suggest!

John Waters was the king of tacky & trashy and he was proud of it!  His films were rife with the over-stated stereotypes and just hilarious to watch!  The original Hairspray is a cult classic, and Cry Baby starring Johnny Depp is right up there!  Set in the 50s, you get romance and the classic battle between the classes – the good kids (the Squares) and the bad kids (the Drapes).  It’s kind of like Elvis meets Grease in a trailer park if it were run by Elvira, Mistress of the Dark!!  Once you start watching, you can’t look away; guaranteed, you’ll still find something fun in here!

Anytime you can break into song for absolutely no reason and it still makes sense in a funny sort of way is OK by me!  Johnny Depp is great as Cry Baby Walker…pin-up boy cute as in his former 21 Jump Street phase.  Iggy Pop, Ricky Lake, Poly Bergen, Willem DaFoe (in one of his earliest roles), Traci Lords and Kim McGuire.

hatchet-face1Who??  Kim McGuire – she is a bit-part character actress who plays Mona “Hatchet Face” Malnorowski in this movie.  the character was described by John Waters as a woman with “the body of Jayne Mansfield and the face of Margaret Hamilton!”  I love the interchange between Hatchetface and the judge in the courtroom scene:

Judge:  “And you, Miss Malnorowski,  that’s a shame about your face.”

Hatchetface:  “There’s nothing wrong with my face…I got character!”

Yes, you do!  Go girl!

 Mars-Attacks-dvd-coverMars Attacks!  

3 words:  “Ack, ACK-ack!”

One of the best Sci-Fi spoofs EVER!  An all-star cast of established and 1996’s up & coming actors really make this a fun flick!

Expect serious CAMP and a send-up of some of the greatest/worst sci-fi & horror films ever made.   Ed Wood and Roger Corman would be so proud!  Don’t expect Shakespeare, or some deep, meaningful script with an end message.  Just watch it and have fun!!!  (Watch for the several homages to some of the best and/or worst classic sci-fi/horror films ever, like The Brain Who Would Not Die, Frankenstein, War of the Worlds, etc.)

Remember…just because Martians make the International Sign of the Donut doesn’t mean they come in peace!  (Watch the movie…You’ll understand!)

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Drop Dead Gorgeous dvdIf you grew up in a small town, annual risky-dink festivals came with the territory!  (Hey!  You had to have something to do other than go to the bakery and watch the bread dough rise!)  Every festival needs a queen or princess to reign over it, so that means beauty pageant!  Now, set the film in rural Minnesota!  The accents alone make me giggle as I write this!

The “mockumentary” film style is like reality TV:  It’s Honey-Boo-Boo meets Toddlers with Tiaras for young adult girls – both high school and college (OK….Maybe a little Duck Dynasty in there, too).  Kind of a scary mix, but hilarious; don’t be afraid.

Anyway, I won’t give away anymore, other than to say the talent sequences and the scenes featuring the one pageant judge’s brother is wet-yourself funny!!  What he does in the background of some of these scenes is worth the price of the DVD!  Added Bonus:  For those raised in the northern Midwest, you’ll totally get the inside jokes.  You’re in for a real treat, oh, you betchya!

JJFJumping Jack Flash

Whoopi Goldberg in an accidental spy-flick with Jonathan Pryce, Phil Hartman, Jon Lovitz, James Belushi and Stephen Collins!  Amazingly funny one-liners throughout and some of the best physical comedy by the Whoop-ster you’ll ever see!!  Critics hated it; I loved it!  (Don’t judge!!)  She did wonders for sales of red Reebok high-tops after this flick.

So, go ‘head…Grab some sunglasses and sing along with “Blind Terri Doolittle,” as she sings da blues…”I want me a Jack (bom-bom, bom-bom) I want him come back (mom-bom, bom-bom)…”  Just a classic 80s comedy.

WARNING:  Whoopi drops the F-bomb…a lot!

Finally, one of the great guilty pleasures of all…(drum roll, please!)…

5fVCzrzm3EjSxKnO7YFHMTvMY1eSo, I Married An Axe Murderer!

O.  M.  G.    Mike Myers is PURE GENIUS in this movie!  This is almost as good as the first Austin Powers movie!  Dual roles as the protagonist, Charlie and as his father, Stuart are totally with watching the entire movie! It’s quirky, funny, and filled with so many great lines for any occasion.  Nancy Travis, Anthony LaPaglia, Alan Arkin and Brenda Fricker round out the cast to perfection.  You won’t be disappointed!

I have several friends that, when we get together, either in person, on the phone, or even via Facebook, if this movie gets a mention at anytime, it will set off a steady stream of movie quotes that guarantees one of us is gonna be in tears from laughing!  you’ll be part of the club instantly!!  (Princess Bride does the same thing!)

Please…Join us!!!!  Watch the movie…It’s a hoot!  You’ll be dropping “A Piper is down!  We have a piper down!” before you know it!


Like I said, these are just a few of my all-time favorites.  I have more.  I didn’t mention all of mine, as the list would be too danged long!   I should mention, I have a penchant for WWII war movies, too!  In Harm’s Way with John Wayne and Patricia Neal, Operation Petticoat with Cary Grant and Tony Curtis, and Kelly’s Heroes with Clint Eastwood and the best cast of Hollywood’s greatest character actors, just to name a few more.  Don’t forget the old movie musicals and Busby Berkeley movies!  Give me Carmen Miranda in platform shoes and a fruit basket on her head with a lot of dance numbers and that “let’s put on a show for the troops” storyline and I am hooked.

You probably have a string of your own guilty pleasures, too.  I’d love to hear some of your faves…What can’t you pass up if it’s on?  Let me know!  We can cross reference our files!!!

Happy viewing!   Peace!






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