Watch the “Eclipse Across America” Safely!


Let’s Say it all Together, shall we??

  • I will not look at any phase of the Eclipse with my naked eye!
  • Conventional sunglasses will not protect my eyes during the Eclipse.
  • Cheap, unsafe, and uncertified glasses or viewers won’t protect me either!

It’s for your own good, you know!  (Sorry for sounding like your overprotective Mother, but it’s true!!)

Here in Spokane, we’ll see the eclipse at around 95%.  That still allows enough of the sun’s rays to cause potential damage to your retina cells (Solar Retinopathy), which can cause permanent damage including blindness.  So, the experts at NASA, the American Astronomical  Society and my eye doctor all say, “don’t look at it without the special glasses…Period!!”  I for one will heed their warning!

You Have Options!

If you simply cannot resist temptation, please wear the appropriate eye protection while you view the Eclipse.    You should look for safe eclipse glasses that meet the ISO 12312-23 International Standard, which protects your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays when you stare at it.

The American Astronomical Society can recommend appropriate vendors, manufacturers and retail stores on their website.  Take the time to look up the info.

Or…Consider these ideas…

  • Get the $1 cheapies! A lot of places still have them, but everyone wants them, so good luck! If you have a pair, great; but if they are cracked/crinkled/3+ yrs old…Trash ‘em!
  • Plastic glasses/cardboard viewers: More sturdy/spendy than the cheapies, but work.
  • Welder’s shields/goggles: Maybe you already have a pair in your garage! Just make sure the glass is rated 14+ to best protect your eyes while viewing the eclipse.
  • Solar-viewing Binoculars: Cool! Close up view of the eclipse & eye protection all in one!
  • Go Eclipse Gonzo with a Telescope with a solar filter lens: This will cost you, but if you’re really into this, then money’s no object, right??
  • Make your Own Viewer/Glasses: Do a little homework…Google it and get ideas on how to create your own safety glasses for viewing the eclipse. Several versions exist, from those that allow you to look directly at the sun to the over the shoulder version.
  • Live Stream it on your mobile device: NASA will have live coverage from 12pm – 4pm EDT – from 12 locations, airplanes, a plethora of ground telescopes, and 57 High Altitude balloons…All for your viewing pleasure and from the comfort of your own home or desk!  View the eclipse as it happens, from those 12 locations at NASA’s Special Eclipse LiveStream website.   (Some of us can’t afford to take time off to head into the path, so this is a great option!

What about my Critters??

Simmer down, Ellie Mae!  The critters will be just fine lying around the CEE-Ment Pond!

According to Purina, your pets may sense the darkness and think it’s dinner or bed time behaving as they would as the sun sets…that’s it. The fuzzy ones shouldn’t feel any other adverse effects.  If you’re that concerned, simply keep them inside during the eclipse.  After all, animals are more sensitive to natural phenomena than humans.

No need to get Fido or Fluffy the special glasses…unless it’s for a cute photo op!

(I think my little Chewie would look FABULOUS in a pair!!!)

Most important…

Enjoy this!  However you choose to view the big event, be safe, have fun, and realize you’re viewing history!








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